SJ Rye

Self help, abuse recovery, mental health recovery


S.J Rye is an author, motivational speaker, and Jesus lover. Boldly sharing her life story, S.J sheds light on mental illnesses and welcomes a fresh insight into what Christian life is like for an abused, broken young person who struggled to find self-worth.

Her debut novel Blessed in the Darkness is an uncut, untamed recount of how a shattered life was given fresh hope. Delving in to the dark depths of suicide, childhood abuse, and mental health recovery; Blessed in the Darkness proves that sometimes the hardest pains can bring the greatest gains.



Books by SJ Rye

Blessed in the Darkness

Blessed in the Darkness

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Stacey is a self-confessed atheist who becomes a Christian after finding herself in church one Sunday morning. Attempting to find meaning in her life after fleeing from an abusive environment, she embarks on a journey that sees her being healed from an eating disorder and gaining peace from a tormented mind.