Genevieve Elliott



Hi there, allow me to introduce myself. I'm a mother of three wonderfully brave and beautiful children, all of whom are my heroes and my inspiration.

As a survivor of abuse myself and the mother of three survivors, I hope to be able to help others in finding freedom through the sharing of our story and what I have learned from it along the way.

I also love horses and all other animals, nature and this beautiful land called Australia. I find peace in a simple life, being as self sufficient as possible and enjoying the tranquility of the bush.



Books by Genevieve Elliott

Screaming in Silence

Screaming in Silence

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Screaming In Silence is the true story of domestic violence and child abuse from the inside. It is a story of fear and loss, but also of resilience and empowerment, of reaching post traumatic growth and turning circumstances around in order to help others. An important read for anyone who has experienced violence and abuse, whether personally or through a friend or family member.