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Pamela Loveridge

Pamela Loveridge

genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Anthropology

Pamela Loveridge is a retired Pharmacist who lives in Sydney. The Spear Thrower is her second novel and follows on from her previous novel The Neanderthals: A Story of Courage which was published in 2015.

In The Neanderthals she looks at the issue of what happened when modern humans finally moved into Europe about 41,000 years ago, and came across the Neanderthals, who had been living there for many thousands of years, while in The Spear Thrower she goes further back in time to about 80,000 years ago, when modern humans were still living in Africa.

There are two profound questions for which we still do not know the answers: what does it mean to be human, and how did it happen?

Pamela looks at these issues in The Spear Thrower and explains how the invention of the throwing spear was really a great leap forward for modern humans, who were already living in Africa. This invention made man the top predator in Africa, and probably helped modern humans to more easily conquer other archaic people living in and out of Africa, as well as the Neanderthals.

Books by Pamela Loveridge

The Spear Thrower

The Spear Thrower

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