Prepare your book

  • First things first: write and finish your book, revising it until you can’t bear to look at it anymore.
  • Check our Experts page for manuscript assessment and/or editing, or else send your document out to at least five beta readers for feedback.
  • When you’re ready to start your self publishing journey, get in touch and we’ll tell you where and how to send us your files.

Hand it over

  • You send your manuscript to us and, once we have reviewed the document and associated formatting considerations (such as number of headings, sections, the amount of italics, images, captions, lists, tables of contents and figures etc.), we send you an obligation-free quote.
  • If you approve the quote, we send you an invoice. Once this is paid, the process of publishing your book begins.
  • We agree on basic details of your book with you: page size, page colour (cream or white), cover finish (gloss or matte), and whether it will be a paperback or hardback.
  • We start formatting the manuscript of your print book, referred to as the ‘internals’.
  • After the first draft is done, we send it to you for your initial feedback on fonts, headers, layout etc.
  • Any changes required after feedback from you are processed and an updated draft of the internals is sent back to you. Up to four (4) rounds of formatting changes are included in your package. (We do not expect to be doing any editing of your book, other than fixing the occasional typo you might notice. If we are required to take up editorial changes at this stage, these will be timed and invoiced in addition to your publishing package.)
  • During this time we will also start gathering more detailed information from you (such as synopsis, author bio, BISAC codes, keywords), for when the book is ready to upload to Ingram and Amazon, our print on demand and distribution partners.
  • If we are designing your cover, we will also require some ideas on your vision for how this will look and begin that process with you, too, with up to four (4) rounds of changes.
  • Changes to your internals or cover in excess of four (4) rounds will be invoiced at $88 per hour. (Rate current at 1 January 2022 and includes GST.)

Printed proof stage

  • Once you’re happy with your internals and cover design, we will send you an email asking to please confirm you are ready for us to order your printed proof (where you’re having a print book which we’ll distribute); or to create and upload your ebooks (Coral Ebook Only).
  • We assign ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) to your print and/or ebook volumes (Blue Combo and Coral Ebook Only). ISBNs make it easier for readers to find and purchase your book.
  • We upload your internals and cover to Ingram’s Lightning Source. Ingram will review the files and then approve them (hopefully). This process can take up to 48 hours.
  • Once approved, we order your printed proof and email you to let you know it’s on its way. Depending on where you live, it can take up to a week to arrive.
  • During this time we will follow up with you if there is any missing information we need for uploading your books to the various distributors.

Wholesale buying and retail pricing options

While you’re waiting for your printed proof to arrive, we will send you two pricing emails.

    • The first email will provide a guideline as to how much it will cost you to buy wholesale copies of your book in several different quantities.
    • The second email is to find out what retail pricing you would like to list your book at. We suggest a few different pricing alternatives in a competitive range and include an idea of what your royalty will be based on each price. You can choose to either pick one of our pricing suggestions or go with your own, providing you keep above the minimum shown.

Post-proof changes

  • Once you have received your printed proof (and we recommend at this stage you sit down with a glass of your beverage of choice and read it cover to cover!), you get back to us with any changes you have.
  • We update the changes and email you a new draft copy. Once you approve the revised files, we will invoice you for the post-proof changes and once that’s paid, will upload the fresh files and go through the proof approval process with you again.
  • If there are no further changes and you approve your first printed proof, we confirm retail pricing of your book with you and send your print book live with Ingram.
  • We then also upload your print book to Amazon KDP and send it live.
  • We send you an email with links of where to find your book.
  • We send you a further email at this stage to find out if you would like any copies in addition to the 10 which are included in your publishing package. If so, we’ll send you an invoice for the additional copies, and once that invoice is paid, we place the order for the total required. If you don’t require any additional copies, then we simply place the order for your included 10. Your book order will usually arrive within 7-10 days.


  • We send you an email to see if you would like to set up your own Smashwords account or whether you would like us to set you up with one.
  • We create your ebook files and upload them to Smashwords and Amazon. We also provide you with discount codes for Smashwords so your friends/family can either download the book free or at half price.
  • We send you an email with links to where your ebook can be found.

Reap the benefits

  • Congratulations, you’re now a published author! Now you work to promote your book and make sales, and enjoy the glory!
  • You can tell your family, friends and readers to visit Amazon, Booktopia, Angus & Robertson, Dymocks, Apple iBooks, the Kindle store, Kobo and more to purchase your book or ebook.
  • If someone buys your paperback online, Amazon’s or Ingram’s print-on-demand arm will print a copy and ship it straight to them, dropping your royalty into our account until it’s time to pay us so we can pay you. You don’t need to do anything. Except sit back and wait, of course!
  • Don’t forget you’ll get a loyalty discount when you publish your next book with us.

Final steps

  • We add you as an author to the IndieMosh website and add your book as well, with various links to where it can be purchased.
  • We send you an email with some helpful marketing tips.
  • We add a post to our Facebook account to let our followers know of your recent publication.
  • We add your book to our ‘New Releases’ email.
  • If you have published under one of our MoshPit Publishing ISBNs, we carry out legal deposit for your book with the National Library in Canberra, NSW State Library, NSW Parliamentary Library, and University of Sydney Library, and register the book on Thorpe-Bowker (ISBN registrar) as well.