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Greg Parker

Greg Parker

genres: conspiracy, kennedy, cia

Greg Parker was born in Newcastle, NSW, Australia in 1958. Since his late teens, he has traveled around "the wide brown land" working in various blue and white collar jobs including an 11 year stint as a federal public servant. Married with twin boys, he currently runs his own business in the Central West of NSW.

Parker's interest in the Kennedy assassination began in 1999 while living in Darwin and he was given a copy of Anthony Summer's "Conspiracy" to read. Parker was intrigued by the book and has been doing his own research since 2000. That same year, he was runner-up in the Darwin Poetry Cup, and had a lot of fun as a performance poet in between band sets at local venues.

His work on the Kennedy case has been widely cited in articles and books by such writers as Joan Mellon, George Michael Evica, Larry Hancock and Jim DiEugunio.

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