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What we do

Here is a breakdown of the services you can expect from us, depending on the package you buy.

  1. We publish your print on demand (PoD) book via Ingram’s Lightning Source and Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) facilities so that it is available across the world via other retailers (etailers) such as Amazon, Book Depository (UK), Fishpond, Booktopia and Angus and Robertson (Australia) and Barnes and Noble (US), and to bricks and mortar bookshops across the world.
  2. We publish your .mobi ebook via Amazon’s KDP facility so that it is available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon sites across the world.
  3. We publish your .epub ebook via Smashwords and enrol it in Smashwords’ distribution network so that it is released on Apple's iBookstore (for iPad), Barnes and Noble (for NOOK), Kobo (for Kobo), etc.
  4. We focus on publishing paperbacks, generally with black and white internal pages, and reflowable ebooks (i.e. epub and mobi), but also offer hardback and full-colour options where required.
  5. We pay you a minimum of 85% of net royalties.
  6. We pay you regardless of how little you have earned – there is no minimum payment threshold.
  7. We pay all accumulated royalties out around the twenty-first (21st) of every month.
  8. We collect your royalties from overseas for you, saving you the hassle of having to obtain a US tax file number (ITIN) or a US bank account.
  9. We provide you with detailed extracts of your sales from the spreadsheets that Lightning Source, KDP and Smashwords send us, so that you know what sold, when and where.
  10. We actively discourage our authors from putting their books in bricks and mortar bookshops. Unless your book can compete with the latest cook book from Nigella Lawson or Shane Warne’s autobiography it won’t be on display at the front of the bookshop, but will sit on a shelf in its genre, competing with everything else there, and be lucky to be found by anyone. It is much less expensive for you to sell your book online, and you can reach a far wider audience without having to worry about stock control, invoicing, discounting and returns. You’re a writer, so write. This is the 21st century, so do it online via blogs, social media, articles etc. The more you write, the more places you pop up on the internet, the more you will encourage people to look for and buy your books.
  11. We actively encourage our authors to market their books to sell online. See the paragraph above!
  12. We allow you to choose your own editor, proofreader, formatter, cover designer and other specialists. See our Experts listings here.
  13. We create an IndieMosh profile page for you. This is linked to your books and vice versa, and to our Authors page. Your books are then linked to where they can be bought online.
  14. We provide Kindle preview widgets on your Author page if your book has a Kindle ebook version.
  15. We create a listing for your print book on The MoshShop, and if there are ebook versions, we add Kindle and Smashwords widgets to the page to encourage people to preview your book.
  16. We provide guidance for setting up your Smashwords profile so that you can monitor your sales and update your profile at any time, should you prefer that option. Or, we can manage your Smashwords profile for you.
  17. We take care of barcodes if you're using a MoshPit Publishing ISBN.
  18. We take care of your legal deposit requirements if you use our ISBNs.
  19. We allow you to use your own ISBNs. However, you will need to take care of your own legal deposit requirements.
  20. We can order you any number of copies of your book at a wholesale rate at any time. You may then sell these to family and friends or on your website and keep all the proceeds.


What we don't do

We do a lot, but no business can do everything! Read this list to make sure you're not expecting anything from us that we don't provide.

  1. We don’t read your manuscript. We may see bits of it as we’re formatting, but we don’t have time to read it.
  2. We don’t own your copyright. You retain the rights to all your works and you can unpublish any or all of your works at any time – just send us an email or a letter so that we have something in writing.
  3. We don’t sell your book in book shops. See No. 10 under What we do.
  4. We don’t outsource your work to anyone if you have bought a complete IndieMosh package. If you purchase an IndieMosh package, all work is completed inhouse or by engaging one of our Experts.
  5. We don’t create your Amazon AuthorCentral pagepage, but we do send you a link and some instructions so that you can do it yourself.
  6. We don’t try to upsell you. We may occasionally alert you (generally via email) to other things we can do for you, if we feel you might be interested or should consider them, but we don’t get on the phone and use pressure tactics to encourage you to buy our other products or services.
  7. We don’t like to ‘own’ our clients. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. So if it’s not working for you, and we’re not able to make you happy, we don’t try to force you into staying. See No. 2 above.
  8. We don’t pay the cost of developing and publishing your book. We are a self publishing facilitator, not a traditional publishing company. It’s your book, so you take the financial risk of publishing. If the book takes off, then you will get most of the reward (85% minimum of net royalties). If the book doesn’t sell, then at least we’ve been paid for the work we’ve done. We’re a business, and we need to stay in business.
  9. We don’t market your book for you. Yes, we make announcements on social media, and we list your book(s) on IndieMosh, and we send you a list of free and reasonably inexpensive marketing ideas you can explore to promote your book, but we are not a marketing company. As a self publisher, you need to learn what works for you and market your book accordingly.
  10. We don’t hang onto your royalties for three or six months. Or even a year (like some publishing facilitators do!). We pay out monthly to every author who has supplied their bank account details, and we have no minimum payment threshold.
  11. We don’t pay royalties via cheque. We pay direct to your bank account or to your PayPal account.
  12. We don’t guarantee you a return on your publishing investment. We have no idea if your book will sell or not. And we have no idea if you will market your book effectively or not, so we can’t guarantee you any return at all. That being said, most authors find that if they build an online presence and work hard, that they see the results in their sales, and we'll help you where we can - we have a Facebook page and a newsletter, so we're happy to give a shout-out if you're running a giveaway or landed a great news article somewhere!



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