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Self publishing for Australian authors: What you need to have, know and do

Thanks to the internet, the Kindle, the iPad and print on demand technology, self publishing is rapidly becoming the acceptable way for people to share their thoughts and ideas. However, the Australian publishing industry has been slow to create pathways for Australians to access the best ebook and print on demand options so readily available to our Northern Hemisphere counterparts.

Since 2009, we have been helping Australian writers bash down the barriers to self publishing so that they themselves could tread the self-publishing path, have their say and leave their mark on the world. This book summarises Jenny’s learnings (and many of her opinions!), and explores the many things you need to consider if you wish to venture down the self-publishing path in Australia. Find out about ISBNs, print on demand, ebooks, formatting, editing, royalties and more.

Download a PDF sample of the Table of Contents and the Preface here: Self publishing for Australian authors – preview pages to see the topics covered.

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