Here at IndieMosh, we want to help you build your book, your way. So feel free to choose a manuscript assessor, an editor, formatter, cover designer or more to help you build or market your book. The experts listed below have worked with us on IndieMosh books before and so understand what our aims and standards are. Feel free to get in touch with any of the folk below for additional assistance.

Manuscript assessment and beta readers

It’s one thing to ask friends and family to read your book, but will they be worried about hurting your feelings? Or are they likely to be hyper-critical? Either way, it’s better to get a third party to read your book before you go too far.

For a formal manuscript assessment, we recommend:

If you’d like something a little less formal, then perhaps consider the beta reading services of:

Writing guidance and coaching

If you’re after some feedback as you write your book, consider engaging one of the following:

Copy writing and ghost writing

Do you have a book in you but you’re not quite sure how to actually start getting the words out, how to actually write it? The experts below can help you bring your story to life:

Structural editing

While structural editing does look at spelling, punctuation and grammar, it’s more concerned with the overall structure of the document. For instance, does it have a recognisable beginning, middle and end? Does it flow logically from one section to the next? Is there too much time spent on one section and not enough on another?

Structural editing takes place before copy editing or proofreading. Get the bones right, then spit and polish! These specialists below can help you with this part of the process:

Copy or line editing

Copy editing and line editing are the same thing – they’re much like proofreading only they’re carried out before the book is laid out to print. (Many people refer to this process as proofreading, but proofreading takes place after the book is laid out and before the print button is hit!)

Print book layout (InDesign)

Generally, MS Word serves our needs well for all fiction, narrative non-fiction and non-fiction with only a smattering of images, tables and other fancy stuff here and there.

However, if your book involves a lot of images or tables, if it’s meant to be a ‘coffee table’ book or if probably won’t translate well to an ebook, then chances are it will be best if your book is laid out using InDesign. Feel free to contact us first for a ‘verdict’ on what we feel might be best, or head straight to one of these specialists below for assistance with your book’s layout if you’d rather work directly with someone of your own choosing:

Cover design and file creation

Designing a cover is one thing, but actually being able to create print-ready files, and especially ones which will be acceptable to Lightning Source, Amazon and Apple, takes knowledge, skill, and the appropriate software. The experts below can help you with your cover design and file creation if you’d rather use your own cover designer:

Illustration and graphic design

Need illustrations for your book or help designing something other than your book? The experts below can help:


Proofreading is the final read-through just before a book goes to print. While the proofreader will, like the copy editor, check for spelling, punctuation and grammar, they’ll also be on the lookout for things such as incorrect page headings, mis-labelled images, skipped chapter numbers – you-name-it!

Please bear in mind that if we have to make proofreading changes to your manuscript after it’s been laid out ready for print, there will be an additional charge for our time. But if you’ve had it edited first, then hopefully your proofreader won’t find too much to pick on. 😉

Website design and creation

A website with an appropriate URL (website address or name – like the underlined links below) can help you market yourself and your book(s) more effectively. Feel free to contact the designers below for help getting your website up and running:

Audiobook recording and engineering

An audiobook can be a handy complement to your print or ebook. Feel free to investigate the following to get started with your audiobook project:

Marketing services

Contact one of the experts below for help with marketing ideas for your book and/or writing career:

    Miscellaneous - admin etc.

    Contact one of the experts below for help as follows: