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Self publishing for Australian authors

If you’d like to know more about what self publishing might mean for you before you venture too far down the path, grab a copy of Jenny’s book, Self publishing for Australian authors, from your favourite online retailer today:

Format for your book for print with MS Word

If you think you’d like to ‘go it alone’ then grab a copy of Jenny’s other book, Format your book for print with MS Word®:


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Glossary of Terms

Confused about all the terminology around publishing? Find definitions for most basic terms here.

Self publishing checklist

We’ve put together a handy list of everything you’ll need to provide us so we can publish your book with minimum delay. Download your checklist here. Choose from a Word doc which you can add text to on your PC or a PDF which you can print and write on:

IndieMosh Checklist in Word

IndieMosh Checklist in PDF

Please note that we don’t require you to send the checklist to us – only the information we’ll require.

Third party publishing experts

From editors and proofreaders to graphic designers and marketing professionals, you can find additional help with our list of trusted experts here.

Printing Options

If you’re planning on having a print version of your book, there are several things to consider such as:

        • what sort of book you’re publishing
        • what final trim size your book might be
        • whether that book should be a paperback or a hard cover
        • whether it should be printed in black and white or in colour, and
        • whether you’re aiming at international distribution via the internet or bookstores or it’s for you to buy in bulk (or even just a small quantity) to sell face to face.

To find out more about the various print on demand options we’re able to offer you, please have a look at our Printing options page.

Page Layouts

We do the layout of your book as part of our package, but if you’d like to have a look at some of our sample page layouts, you can guide us towards or away from anything that you particularly do or don’t like. You can mix and match styles from different samples or we can just start from scratch with our own ideas, try things out and see what you like! (Please note that we do not use templates for our formatting – all books are laid out from scratch and re-built individually.)

We would sincerely like to thank Paris Portingale for allowing us to use his short story, Roast Beef, Cheese, Love and Pickles to demonstrate these different layouts to you.

To find out more about Paris and view his published books, please visit his IndieMosh author page here: