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What are the basics of publishing with IndieMosh?

Take a look at any of the pages below to get an idea of how the process works.

How it works

The IndieMosh Story

What we do

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FAQ - Production

FAQ - Royalties

FAQ - Marketing


Self publishing checklist

We've put together a handy list of everything you'll need to provide us so we can publish your book.

Your self publishing checklist

Royalties form

Tell us your payment details so that we can send you your royalties.

You can download the PDF version, write on it and scan and email back to us, or else post it to us.

Or you can download the Word version, save it to your computer, complete it, resave, then email back to us.

Your payment information is not kept on the IndieMosh website and is not actively linked to your IndieMosh account.

Royalty payment form (PDF)

Royalty payment form (MS Word)

Do you recommend any editors, marketing consultants, cover designers, etc?

Yes, we do! Browse our database of experts below to find someone who's a great fit for your needs.

Find an expert


We do the layout of your book as part of our package, but if you’d like to provide your own cover, please view our templates and specs below.

Print book (paperback) covers

Ebook covers


Spine width calculator

Legal Stuff


Terms and Conditions