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Payment plans

If we’ve sent you a quote or an invoice for more than $1,500, then you’re eligible for our repayment plan option.
To take up our repayment plan option, your total invoice will be increased by 10% to cover our finance collection and invoicing costs, and you will be required to pay a 25% deposit of the total amount. The remaining 75% will be spread out across a maximum of 10 months.
We use Ezidebit for our repayment plans and you will be required to sign an Ezidebit form, setting out your repayment plan details. We will prepare this form for you.

How much is your package?



Your initial deposit to secure our services would be .

The balance payable will be .

If you paid monthly, each payment would be over months.

If you paid fortnightly, each payment would be over fortnights.

If you paid weekly, each payment would be over weeks.

The total amount payable includes a 10% accounting and admin fee. In this case your fee would be . This fee has been included in the above calculations.


What time period can I pay over? What are the minimum payments?

The maximum time period we can accept payments over is ten months. It normally only takes 4 months at the most to get even the most complicated books published, and your periodic payment won't affect the speed at which we publish your book - that's why we need a deposit, to cover our immediate costs such as ordering a proof.

The minimum payment we can accept is $100 per month - this works out at $25 per week or $50 per fortnight. The calculator will automatically adjust your repayments for the lowest possible repayment per month over the largest possible time period, but you can always pay off your bill more quickly.

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