Sometimes a book isn’t worth publishing as an ebook. For instance, you may have written a family history and included lots of photos, charts etc, and you know that it’s the sort of book which people will want as a print edition. Or you’ve created a book which has so much technical formatting that it’s just not going to translate well as an ebook. That’s okay – we can publish a print-only version of your book and leave out the ebook option.

How does it work?

Our Red Print Only option follows a similar path to our Blue Combo Print and Ebook package, except without the ebook bits. 🙂

Once you sign off on your printed proof, we create your IndieMosh author profile and add your book, website and links to where your book can be bought and add your print book to The MoshShop.

We create your IndieMosh author account, so that you can log in and check your sales. (But don’t get too excited yet – it takes at least three months before we start getting sales data for you!).

We will send you emails advising:

  • that your book is now published
  • where you can find your IndieMosh author profile
  • where you can find your print book on Amazon and The MoshShop
  • some things you can do to get your marketing started.

We organise for you to receive ten copies of your print book, delivered to your door. If you require more than ten, then we’ll organise a larger run and invoice you for the additional copies.

We send a physical copy of your book to the National Library, the NSW State Library, the NSW State Parliamentary Library and the Legal Deposit Officer at Sydney University Library in compliance with the NLA legal deposit program, so that it’s preserved in the Australian archives for future generations.

You’re now a published author – congratulations!

What does it cost?

The base price for our Red Print Only package is $2,395 including GST.


First the good news!

  • If you’ve published a combo or print only package with us before, we will take off $150 as an IndieMosh loyalty discount.
  • If you’ve published an ebook only package with us before, we will take off $50 as an IndieMosh loyalty discount.
  • If you have your own cover designer and they are capable of exporting print covers in line with our specs, we will take off $200 to compensate. We are happy to liaise directly with your cover designer if you wish.


The sorts of items which will increase the cost of the package are calculated as small unit costs of the following:

  • Additional chapters, short stories or poems in excess of 35 where each starts on their own page and/or has their own heading.
  • More than one section e.g. ‘Book 1’, ‘Book 2’ etc
  • Tailored headers or footers per additional sections (not counting the initial section e.g. not counting ‘Book 1’)
  • Footnotes or endnotes
  • Image/Table/Plate/Figure insertions (not including cost of images if we are required to purchase them and does not cover enhancements using Photoshop or other formatting)
  • Captions for images, tables, plates, figures etc
  • Bullet point lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Instances of italics, other than in headings
  • Table formatting
  • Additional tables of contents for images, tables, plates, figures etc
  • Index formatting

Optional Extras:

  • Colour internals – $150
  • Hardback option – $150
  • Premium cover design – from $295
  • Author’s promotional postcards x 250 – $295
  • Online promotional pack – $195

Find out more about our Optional Extras here