If you already have your own IngramSpark, Smashwords or KDP accounts but don’t have the software or skills to format your book, ebook or cover, we can do the work for you!

You can choose any one, several, or all of:

  • layout file for IngramSpark internals
  • layout file for Amazon KDP internals
  • cover design and file creation for IngramSpark paperback or hardback
  • cover design and/or file creation for Amazon KDP paperback
  • epub ebook file creation for IngramSpark or Smashwords
  • mobi/Kindle file creation for Amazon KDP
  • cover design and/or file creation for ebook

How does it work?

Decide what you need from us, depending on which channels you’re planning on publishing to and which files and formats you need.

Once you’ve finished writing your book and revised it (and revised it again!) to the best of your ability, then choose a manuscript assessor or an editor from our list of great Experts, or send your manuscript to beta readers to get feedback and make sure you’ve written the best book you can.

When you’re happy that your manuscript is the best it can be, get in touch with us to let us know what you’d like us to do.

We will provide a quote for you based on the services required, and the information and any files you send us.

Once you’re happy with our quote, pay it in full and we’ll go to work.

On the assumption you’re having the full Monty …

We begin by formatting your book for print – laying out the text, formatting chapter headings, page headers and footers, section breaks etc., and adding things such as an imprint page, dedication page and other pages as required. Our base package price covers an unlimited word count, and up to 35 chapters, short stories or poems, each with a separate heading, and each starting on a new page.

We send you a first draft of your book’s internals in a PDF file to get feedback on fonts and layout etc. Once we have your responses, we spit and polish for a maximum of three more rounds to get it as perfect as possible.

During the same period, we will be communicating with you about your cover if we’re preparing your cover for you. We will also send your draft cover in PDF format, beginning with the front cover only, then once you’re happy with that, we add the spine and back cover.

If you wish to have your book proofread, then now is the time to organise that. Choose a proofreader from our list of Experts or use your own. Changes at this stage should be minimal, and so anything in excess of 15 minutes’ work on our part will be invoiced at our current rate ($80 per hour at 1 July 2019, including GST). We strongly recommend that you have your book edited before sending us the manuscript to minimise post-layout changes.

Eventually we reach ‘proof’ stage. We export final files for you, in line with IngramSpark or Amazon KDP’s technical specifications, and you then upload them to your account and complete the necessary information required for them to process your files.

Please note: We do not help with this bit. If you are not capable of completing IngramSpark or KDP data requirements or uploading your files, then you should probably be publishing under our accounts, not your own. Our part in this process is merely to create technically acceptable files for you.

After you upload your files, you’ll need to log in and order yourself a printed proof if your chosen system doesn’t automatically send you one.

Once the printed proof arrives, you’ll need to sit down and check it and make sure you’re happy with it.

If you find you wish to make changes to your book, let us know. While there is a fee for this (at our prevailing hourly rate), now is the time to make sure you’re happy with it, before you hit the ‘publish’ button.

If changes are required (to the cover, the internals, or both), then we will send you a fresh PDF to check. Once you sign off on that, we will send you our invoice for post-proof changes. Once that’s paid, we export fresh print-ready file(s) and send them to you.

If you have to replace a file, then you’ll need to go through the file upload and approval process again.

Once you’re happy with your print book, let us know and we’ll start creating the Amazon KDP print files (if you’re having a KDP paperback version), and the ebook files for you. If you only have an IngramSpark account, then you’ll only need an epub. If you have a Smashwords account and an Amazon KDP account, then you’ll need both an epub and a mobi. That’s no problem – just let us know what you’ll need and we’ll create and export accordingly!

Upload your ebook files, complete the data fields required, and monitor your accounts for release of your ebook!

Should you receive any file rejection notices from any of the print or ebook services, please let us know and we will fix them (assuming the fault is ours).

Once you have released your book to the public and ‘our work here is done’, please just drop us a line so that we can archive our working files.

You’re now a published author – congratulations!

What does it cost?

The base price for our full Green for Go It Alone package is $1,495 including GST.

The Green for Go It Alone package is based on you requiring print files for both Ingram and Amazon KDP and ebook files in both epub and mobi (Kindle) formats, and covers for all formats.

Base prices of our individual components are as follows:

  • Layout or format of print internals only (no cover file creation) for either IngramSpark or KDP Print – $595.00
  • Layout or format of print internals only (no cover file creation) for both IngramSpark and KDP Print – $645.00
  • Formatting of either epub or mobi ebook file (no cover file creation) – $395
  • Formatting of both epub and mobi ebook files (no cover file creation) – $425
  • Print book cover file design, including up to three stock images, for either IngramSpark or KDP Print – $395.00
  • Print book cover file design, including up to three stock images, for both IngramSpark or KDP Print – $425.00
  • Ebook cover file design, including up to two stock images – $235
  • Print book cover for both IngramSpark and KDP Print plus ebook cover – $495
  • Print book layout and format including covers for both IngramSpark and KDP Print – $995 (i.e. no ebook component)
  • Ebook only epub and mobi file creation including cover – $595


First the good news!

  • If you’re buying the full package and you’ve published a print package with us before, we will take off $100 as an IndieMosh loyalty discount.
  • If you’re buying the full package and you’ve published an ebook only package with us before, we will take off $50 as an IndieMosh loyalty discount.


The sorts of items which will increase the cost of the package are calculated as small unit costs of the following:

  • Additional chapters, short stories or poems in excess of 35 where each starts on their own page and/or has their own heading.
  • More than one section e.g. ‘Book 1’, ‘Book 2’ etc
  • Tailored headers or footers per additional sections (not counting the initial section e.g. not counting ‘Book 1’)
  • Footnotes or endnotes
  • Image/Table/Plate/Figure insertions (not including cost of images if we are required to purchase them and does not cover enhancements using Photoshop or other formatting)
  • Captions for images, tables, plates, figures etc
  • Bullet point lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Instances of italics, other than in headings
  • Table formatting
  • Additional tables of contents for images, tables, plates, figures etc
  • Index formatting

Optional Extras:

  • Premium cover design – from $295
  • Author’s promotional postcards x 100 – $295
  • Online promotional pack – $195

Find out more about our Optional Extras here