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How 21 Aussie women are fabulous beyond their 50s

Julie Ankers

WYZA, Tuesday, 13th of June, 2017

You might feel fabulous at 50 plus, but not everyone's on the same page. The ogre of ageism prompted 66-year-old Julie Ankers to pen and self-publish her book, Feisty, Fabulous & 50+, capturing the life stories of 21 Australian women.

"When you're 50 plus, suddenly you feel everyone around you in the office is half your age," she says.

"After age 50, you're often thrown back onto your own resources. I've always had a career - running my own business and next thing, I felt I was a feather duster. And men go through that, too. What do you do with all of that passion? I don't want to just sit there. I want to be contributing and doing meaningful work whether it's paid or not," she says.

Ankers, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, has run start-ups including a trainers and speakers' agency and Third Age Initiative, a company helping workplaces retain mature-age workers. She's also been on many boards promoting women in business including as national president for several years for Women Chiefs of Enterprises International.

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