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Another side of the story

Kylie Jones

Underground Writers, Sunday, 5th of February, 2017

Kylie Jones' self-published novel The Other Woman begins with the author's husband telling her, after 28 years of marriage, that he'd always wanted to live as a woman. What follows is her journey as he attempts to support her husband and hold her family together through the challenging years after that conversation. We interviewed Kylie about why she chose to write her story, why she chose to self-publish, and how her audience has reacted to the book so far.

What inspired you to write The Other Woman, and what made you decide on the title you chose?
I had often been told by friends that my story was pretty unique and that it would make a good book. I had always wanted to write and heard that when you start off you should write about what you know. I was angry I guess, I wanted people to know that there were other people involved in this transition and none of us had chosen to be here.

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