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Murder, mystery and manuscripts

Montana Ash

Goulburn Post, Wednesday, 24th of February, 2016

DEBUT authors T.J. Spade and Montana Ash are known here at home as Natasha Boswell and Kimberley Rosevear.

The Canberra-based best friends from Goulburn will officially release their first titles at the library next Wednesday.

Spade/Boswell's Take You Apart is "a murder/thriller with a little bit of romance on the side," she said.

Ash/Rosevear's Warden is a paranormal-fantasy romance, which its author says is "fun, sexy and lighthearted".

They decided on their pseudonyms in different ways.

Boswell took T.J. Spade "from my favourite movie, The Maltese Falcon," she said.

Rosevear said she found Montana Ash a little closer to home: "Basically ... the names of my cat and dog," she said. "But it kind of works for writing in the genre of paranormal romance."

Take You Apart's successful artist, Caleb Everett, sees into the minds of killers and works alongside homicide detective Jack Rafferty to solve horrific crimes, set in the US.

Warden is "essentially about this modern-day hot 'knight', Ryker, who is fighting for the attentions of the feisty and sarcastic heroine, Max.

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