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Nurses murders a dark chapter in Toowoomba's history

Eric Wilson

The Chronicle, Friday, 28th of August, 2015

IN part four of The Chronicle's Unsolved Crime series, we revisit the murder of Sydney nurses Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans and the high-profile inquest that was held in 2013.

THE murder of Sydney nurses Lorraine Ruth Wilson and Wendy Joy Evans in 1974 will forever be remembered as a dark chapter in Toowoomba's history.

Almost 40 years after the women's bodies were found in bushland near Murphys Creek, a coroner found a gang of men connected through blood, marriage, booze, violence and a sordid appetite for sex were likely to be central to their deaths.

But no one was ever charged in relation to the shocking crime.

A high-profile inquest held in 2013 named seven persons of interest authorities believed were responsible or involved in the double homicide.

But only one of them was named as the likely culprit - Wayne Robert "Boogie" Hilton.

Ms Wilson's brother, Eric Wilson, said he had found solace in the years following the inquest in the knowledge the people responsible had been finally named and shamed.

He told The Chronicle he now had closure after more than four decades searching for truth and justice.

"I would have liked the coroner to go further in his findings but I think naming the person he did was the right decision," he said.

"I had been haunted by their deaths right up until that inquest.

"After the inquest I can honestly say I was not haunted anymore . . . it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was finally at peace."

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