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Relative advantage: family businesses put under the spotlight

Extra Magazine (The Sun Herald), Sunday, 24th of August, 2014

Ally Mosher, 22, works with her mother Jenny, 52, at IndieMosh, a self-publishing facilitation company on the Blue Mountains.
"When mum asked me to come and work with her, I just laughed. Being around her and under her authority 24/7, I thought one of us would kill the other. I really only agreed to work with mum after high school because she offered me the chance to study a Certificate III in Business Administration. She also said I take a gap year holiday, and I couldn't think I could get a better option anywhere else.
I went into it thinking it absolutely wouldn't work because we tend to disagree on lots of things. I'm a lot more like my dad - calm but also kind of vague - and mum is extremely focused, but fiery and prone to stress. At home we can really drive each other mad. I thought to myself that I'll give it three weeks, and if she doesn't fire me before then, we'll be going well. That was in 2010, and I'm still working here.
Sometimes it's tense. At the moment I still live with mum and dad, but we try not to talk about work too much at home, and by the same token we try to stay on professional topics at work. The best thing about working together is that because we know one another so well, we can be totally honest - if something isn't working, we'll say so, and we don't have to worry about offending each other because we're family and we'll get over it!
I spend about half the week at my boyfriend's place so that helps diffuse any tension.
On weekends when mum and I are both at home, we can get a bit snappy by the end of the day. The 24/7 contact can be too much, and being under her authority no matter where I am can be frustrating. If she's not mum, she's Boss! I'm looking forward to moving out next year because I know that will really help.
Working together has really improved our relationship, and it's actually given us a friendship. When I was going to school, I had no respect for mum's skills because I'd never seen her at work. Going into the office and seeing how much she does, and her skills, has given me a lot more respect for her. She's not just my mum, she's this amazing business woman.
Mum is confident and she inspires a lot of people. In fact, her focus and determination inspire me when we're working for a common goal, and she appreciates the skills that I have that she doesn't, like web and graphic design. I was worried that working with mum would ruin our relationship, but it's interesting how despite starting life as her daughter, we've found a better fit as workmates.
Working with mum has been really surprising, I'm almost into my fourth year, and I certainly didn't expect that we'd last this long. Never in a million years."

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