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Book review: Essence of Time

Gareth Wilding-Forbes

Discover Blue Mountains Magazine, Friday, 1st of August, 2014

Popular 2BLU-FM radio presenter Gareth Wilding-Forbes has recently released his first novel, Essence of Time.
An actor, director, voice-over artist, television and radio presenter, Gareth has long loved the theatre of the written word - the ability to create new worlds which the ordinary person might not necessarily inhabit, but could, at a pinch.
And so Gareth's first full length novel, Essence of Time, combines the romance, action, drama, and international intrigue of a James Bond story, but without the gun or the gadgets. However, there is a crashing helicopter, a murdered solicitor, a bomb-toting oil tanker and the need to engage the Greek Navy in the hope of preventing an all-out disaster.
Lead character Jonathan Hayes-Walker is engaged by the mysterious Mr Katani to find Katani's daughter, Narat, within 28 days. Katani is convinced that someone is plotting against him and his business interests, and as his daughter is due to inherit her share of her grandmother's will on her 25th birthday - in 28 days time - Katani wants to ensure that his daughter is not the weak link before it's too late.
In payment, Katani offers to publish Jonathan's book, The Nature of Love, and pay home one million dollars via a Swiss account if he's successful.
If not, Jonathan's book will still be published, but his payment will be reduced to $500 per day - the union rate for a B-grade actor.
Set against the backdrops of Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Nice and more, Essence of Time traces Jonathan's journey to locate Narat and find out just what's going on and who's behind it. With a cast of lovely leading ladies, from Jonathan's partner, Zoe Manos, whom he has to leave behind in Melbourne while he takes on the assignment, to the red-haired legal secretary Susan Hardy and the beautiful Anglo-Indian Rayni who unwittingly tempts and confuses Jonathan, Essence of Time reflects the essence of James Bond, but with more depth, a Cockney chauffeur, and a plot you can actually follow.
And as a bonus, Jonathan Hayes-Walker's book, The Nature of Love, was released at the same time as Essence of Time.
For those with iPads, Kindles and tablets, Essence of Time and The Nature of Love, are available in mobi format from, in epub format from the Sony 'ebook store and more', and in various formats from for $2.99 and $0.99 respectively (search for "Gareth Wilding-Forbes" or "Jonathan Hayes-Walker" - it's quicker).
For those that prefer a 'real' book in their hands, Gareth's book, Essence of Time, is available from the Turning Page Bookshop in Springwood,, or for $19.99. Unfortunately, Mr Katani's offer to publish Jonathan's book, The Nature of Love, didn't extend to a printed version.

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