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If you’re interested in providing publishing services to our clients and would like to list on our Experts page, our requirements are:

  • You must have an ABN (but you do not have to be registered for GST). The only exceptions are for overseas service providers recommended by our IndieMosh clients
  • You must have a website, blog or Facebook business page (not your personal page) so that our clients can get a ‘feel’ for what you do and who you are before they contact you
  • You should be familiar with our formatting and layout specs if you intend to provide formatting or layout services for internals or covers
  • You adhere to 21st century standards, laws and expectations of privacy in regard to our mutual clients
  • You agree not to attempt to upsell or pressure any potential or existing IndieMosh client regarding the services you may provide. We understand that you may wish to make them aware of your other offerings – that’s fine – but we frown upon pushy sales techniques
  • List with us for $55 pa for unlimited categories (GST included). Renewals will be sent out annually, one month in advance. Unpaid invoices will result in your listing being removed
  • You will need to fill out the form below, providing:
    • A headshot or logo
    • Your name
    • Your business name
    • Your website or FB business page URL (up to two URLs allowed)
    • Your ABN
    • Your city/region (specific or regional, e.g. "Katoomba", "Blue Mountains" and "Western Sydney" are all acceptable)
    • Your state
    • Your qualifications
    • Your specialist areas or genres (e.g. horror fiction covers, trailers for romances, thesis editing)
    • Any industry memberships you hold
    • A bio to 100 words about you and/or the services you offer (potential clients will find the detail when they visit your website)
    • To know which category or categories you would like to list under

Interested? Please fill out the form below. Upon receipt of your details, we will send you an invoice for the appropriate amount. Once your invoice is paid, your listing will go live.
Please note, we cannot guarantee any level of work from listing on IndieMosh, but as more and more people are self publishing and looking for reliable service providers, your listing will be in the right place to be noticed by potential clients.

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