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We're now offering audio publishing as well! IndieMosh can get your album onto Amazon as a produce-on-demand CD, and your mp3s into iTunes, Spotify, and more. Take a look at some of the albums we've already published.

Please note that while we do provide cover design, only some of the covers here are ours - our authors are just as welcome to organise their own covers.

Click on any cover to find out about the album and person or band!

Sensuous and Other Astral Experiences Now! (Introductory Level)
Gracefully Ordinary
Meditating the Paranormal (Level 1)
Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams (Introductory Level)
Meditating the Transcendental (Level 1)
Self-Help Psychotherapy (Introductory Level)
All We Have Is What We Do Now
Scratch Mo'
Meditating the Transcendental (Introductory Level)
Dreamology and Doctoring Your Dreams (Level 1)
Self-Help Psychotherapy (Level 1)
Meditating the Paranormal (Introductory Level)
Master Recording to Transcendental, Paranormal, Astral, Sensual, Psychotherapeutic Self-Help Series
Take Me to the Party

IndieMosh audio packages

Digital single:
Release of your digital single via Catapult Distribution to iTunes, Spotify and more – $50
Add: Original cover design – $250

Digital album:
Release of your digital album to 10 tracks via Catapult Distribution to iTunes, Spotify and more – $250
Additional tracks $25 each
Add: original cover design – $250

CD on demand via Amazon’s CreateSpace
Release of your album as a CD on demand via CreateSpace and Amazon, including 5 copies for yourself – $495
Add: Original cover design – $495 (includes CD booklet outside, booklet inside, tray card front, tray card back and disc face image)

All audio releases earn our same net 85% royalty: whatever ends up in our bank account after foreign taxes, GST, bank charges and exchange commissions, we retain 15% as an admin and accounting fee and pay the rest direct to your bank account or PayPal account on a monthly basis when your accrued royalties exceed AU$10 or more!

If you’d like to find out more about publishing your audio via IndieMosh, please get send us message via our Contact page.