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Self Publishing Case Studies

Read about our current authors and how they made IndieMosh work for them.

Escarpment by Virginia Gow

Virginia Gow - Escarpment

See Virginia's author profile here

Book: Escarpment
Genre: Fibonacci poetry (a poetry rhythm invention by Virginia herself)

Services provided by IndieMosh: layout, cover design, publish in print and ebook

Virginia came to us with a completed set of poetry. Her book required no editing or proofreading, so we were able to go straight to publication. We worked with her to choose a book size that worked well with her poetry layout (6 x 9 inches doesn't work for everybody!) and created a cover using an image she provided. Her paperback book has white pages and a glossy cover, and sells on Amazon and its resellers.

Cover designplusPublishing in print and ebook

Essence of Time by Gareth Wilding-Forbes

Gareth Wilding-Forbes - Essence of Time

See Gareth's author profile here

Book: Essence of Time
Genre: thriller, international mystery, espionage and corporate shenanigans (it's all very exciting).

Services provided by IndieMosh: copy editing, proofreading, layout, cover design, publish in print and ebook, author's postcards, author's website

Gareth had been working on his manuscript for years and brought it to us ready for the whole package! First, we provided a copy edit and made structural changes to the book. Once the edit was complete, we proofread the book and laid it out for print. Gareth also chose to have his cover design created by us, so this was done at the same time. Gareth chose to publish a paperback with a glossy cover and white pages.

Once the paperback and ebook were live and selling online, we created Author's Postcards for Gareth to send to his friends, and a website. Gareth is an actor as well as an author so his website became quite the portfolio!

Copy editingplusProofreadingplusCover designplusPublishing in print and ebookplusAuthor's postcardsplusAuthor's website