Are you a previously published author whose rights have now reverted to you? Do you have the files for your previously published books but don’t know how to republish them yourself?
Let IndieMosh be your guide! We’ve been helping Australian authors like you self publish since 2009.
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I have the rights and files returned to me for my previously published book, and would like to republish it.

If you’ve been ‘traditionally published’ in the past and the rights to your book(s) have now been returned to you, along with the files, and you’d like the book republished so that you can continue to have your legacy made available to the public, IndieMosh can take the pain out of the self publishing/republishing process for you. We specialise in the following services:

  1. File updating – spit and polish of design and layout of internals (in consultation with you)
  2. Cover design and file creation or update (again, in consultation with you)
  3. Provision of a printed proof for you to check
  4. Provision of 10 final copies delivered to your door (you can order additional copies at wholesale pricing)
  5. Print on demand publication and worldwide distribution via Ingram’s Lightning Source platform
  6. Creation of ebooks (if your book is suitable for publication as an ebook) and worldwide distribution via Amazon’s KDP platform and Smashwords
  7. Provision of ISBNs and legal deposit (if you use our ISBNs)
  8. Supply of copies at wholesale pricing any time and in any quantity you choose – just send us an email.
  9. All the other little admin tasks associated with publishing a book – which would put you to sleep if we listed them here! (Download our IndieMosh quick checklist of 33 things you need to have, now and do to self publish your book here, if you really want to know. )

So if you’ve got the files for your previously published book(s), we’d love the opportunity to provide an obligation-free quote for republishing. All our obligation-free quotes are valid for three months, and we don’t pick up the phone and hassle you for your credit card details. Aside from a follow-up email to make sure you received the quote, we will leave you in peace to make the decision that’s right for you. Or we’ll answer any questions you may have to help you with your decision-making!

If you accept our quote, then we’ll work to help you become a self-published author, so that all the work you’ve done in the past can continue to be made available to your audience – for as long as you want.

Get the ball rolling

Or feel free to have a look at our Packages page first.

I have the rights and files for my previously published book, but would like to update it before republishing.

If you’ve had the rights and files for your previously published book returned to you and would like to republish it after updating it but you’re thinking of updating it, it’s worth engaging an editor to read over it once youre’ done, to make sure that you maintain consitency with what went before.

We’d recommend that you start by contacting one of our Preferred Partners for that purpose: Explain that your book was previously published and that you’re aiming to republish your book, but that you need to make changes first. Your editor can then advise the best way to approach the task – for both of you – to ensure that you get the best outcome.

The process may take a little time, so in the meantime, sign up for our free email series: The Nine P’s of Publishing to help you get a handle on some of the things you’ll need to think about to get the best value out of your self publishing journey!

Why IndieMosh?

IndieMosh specialises in helping Australian authors self publish their books.
That’s all we do – we publish books. And we’ve been doing it since 2009.

Only pay for what you need

At IndieMosh, we don’t do editing and we don’t do marketing. We do the bit in the middle – the publishing. So we take the pain out of the layout and design, the file creation, the ISBNs, the legal deposit, and we guide you through the information we need to get your book published.

When you do it the IndieMosh way, you can work with editors (the ‘before’ bit) and marketing strategists (the ‘after’ bit) of your own choosing and according to your needs and your budget. This means that:

  1. you’re not working with a limited range of in-house specialists, and
  2. we’re not outsourcing your work to third parties at a premium.

Reduced administration

If you use our services, we’ll add your books to our print on demand and ebook distribution accounts so that you don’t have to set up your own accounts with IngramSpark, Amazon, etc. Your books will be available worldwide to online and bricks and mortar stores and you’ll have no upfront costs for distribution.

We’ll aggregate your royalties with our other authors’ royalties meaning you’ll be paid more frequently – you won’t have to wait until you reach Amazon’s US$100 threshold to receive your payment from their US store. And you won’t have to wait until you reach their AU$100 threshold to receive payment from their Australian store, and so on.

And you’ll be able to view and/or download your aggregated sales reports from your IndieMosh account at any time during the year. This means you can create just one report for your tax accountant!

Better returns, more often

At IndieMosh we pass on a minimum of 85% of the net royalties we receive, ex-GST, monthly.

That’s right – we pass on at least 85% of the net amount we collect ex-GST, and we pay it to our authors monthly! Not quarterly, not six monthly, and not annually like some other providers. IndieMosh pays royalties monthly, on the 21st of each month.

The maximum 15% we retain is an admin and accounting fee to cover our costs of processing the various payments we receive. But if you earn in excess of AUD$1,000 in any one month, you will receive an adjustment so that for that month only you effectively receive:

  • Between $1,000 and $4,999.99 – royalty rate increased to 90% (our fee reduced to 10%)
  • Between $5,000 and $9,999.99 – royalty rate increased to 92.5% (our fee reduced to 7.5%)
  • $10,000 or more – royalty rate increased to 95% (our fee reduced to 5%)

Our philosophy is that you’ve paid for the publishing, so you should be earning the rewards!

The proof is in the publishing pudding

As at today’s date, IndieMosh has helped 368 Australians publish 676 books.

In fact, we’ve published an average of 1.84 books per author, which means we have a high rate of return clients, so we figure we must be doing something right – especially considering the fact that writing a book is often an enormous, do-it-once kind of achievement.

So if you’ve written your book, had it edited and are ready to publish, we’d love to hear from you!