Bronwyn Clifton

Fiction, Contemporary, Relationships


The household Bronwyn grew up in was often pretty chaotic, with six children under one roof in Melbourne. Her family was poor but, as children she had many adventures. She escaped the bedlam at home by reading stories. And continues to read voraciously.

In the early nineties after completing a Bachelor of Education she travelled overseas with a friend, back packing through Europe and the United Kingdom. On the way home Bron visited Thailand on her own. This experience, then more recently, going to Vietnam, inspired the short story, ‘Confessions of a Massage Junkie,’ published in the anthology ‘Crazy Sh%^$ in Asia.’

She has been writing in one form or another for many years, whether it be in a diary when younger, or for work, publishing reports for school in the local paper. Lately she has had numerous pieces published in The Paper – South Gippsland News, as Covid-19 has allowed her more time to focus on writing.
She misses the days of snail mail, when she would write and receive long hand-written letters all the time.

Bronwyn is a secondary English teacher but has had numerous experiences over three decades living in regional Victoria – working for Life-line, working in a special school and completing a Diploma of Professional Counselling have kept her busy, along with raising 2 boys and adopting Greyhounds. She loves her physical environment, with Wilson’s Prom in the distance and enjoys daily walks on the rail trail, which have become a daily meditation.

Meeting people, especially travellers, is one of her favourite things because she strongly believes that everybody has a story inside them.



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Cat Versus the World

Cat Versus the World


Cat works at an IT firm. When Victoria Cox arrives as new Team Leader, Cat’s life is thrown into disarray. She quickly finds herself immersed in mind-games and nastiness at work. Cat's twin sister is given an awful medical diagnosis, leading into one of the most harrowing years Cat has ever experienced.

The Devil's Pinch

The Devil's Pinch

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What do you do when you suspect your partner has become unhinged? Jed has a problem and his young partner, Beth, knows it. How can she ensure that he will accept help? In this drama-filled debut, author Bronwyn Clifton explores the devastating effects of addiction on loved ones.