Catherine Marshall

Fiction: Romance, Historical, Victorian; Gothic; Sagas


Catherine Marshall was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1951. She migrated to Australia in 1960 and lives in Tasmania. A biomedical scientist by profession, she is now retired and divides her time between writing, researching her family tree and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Her books have been inspired by her family history.



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The Sands of Life (The Armstrong Saga)

The Sands of Life (The Armstrong Saga)

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Northumberland, 1808. Rosie's beloved Sam has walked out, claiming he no longer loves her. When he returns she believes he has a gypsy lover. In retaliation she feigns a relationship with Owain, a wanted man. With Rosie expecting a child, can personal animosities be put aside to save Owain's life and Rosie's reputation?