Pete Smith


Pete Smith is just a guy at the shallow end of the gene pool. He spent the first five years of his life under a farmhouse playing in the dirt with his matchbox cars. He spent the next eleven years surrounded by cows. His brother, Greg, five years older, had severe Downs Syndrome. Greg was much, much cooler than Pete could ever be. So how did this impoverished kid who new more about cows than humans end up as a career nurse? And how did this unpolished introvert finish up co-creating what he calls “the greatest thing in nursing since the Bristol Stool Chart”? The world is a mysterious place. Some would say complex, dangerous and chaotic. But really, it is quite simple if we allow it to be. In self-imposed exile from what he sees as the brutality of the health care system, Pete has a roof over his head, food in his belly, and now back on the family farm, something to do each day. He is unerringly accompanied in his work by his three legged dog, and occasionally by his favourite people: his wife, son and daughter.



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The Below Ten Thousand Way

The Below Ten Thousand Way

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Increasing the technical skill of a health care clinician makes for incremental change. Improve the culture within which they work, think and communicate and suddenly quantum change is possible.

Iatrogenic misadventure is more prevalent than most would dare imagine.
The free and simple solution?
‘Below Ten Thousand!’
Dare to care!