Wendy Laing

Fiction, Mystery and Detective, Police Procedural, Women Sleuths


Wendy Laing is an Australian writer who lives in Deloraine, a small town on the island state of Tasmania. She is the Secretary and Competition Coordinator for the Society of Women Writers Tasmania and also runs a writers group in Deloraine. Wendy also writes articles for the Launceston Examiner newspaper and the Meander Valley Gazette. Wendy has previously published poetry in Word Weavers, and short stories in magazines such as Stylus. Memoirs of an Arresting Woman is her first published novella.



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Memoirs of an Arresting Woman

Memoirs of an Arresting Woman

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At the police headquarters in Darwin, Constable Laurie McKenzie learns she is the only female officer in the Northern Territory Police Force. She is transferred to the town of Rabbit Creek, where she deals with murders, a paedophile, a wife-beater and crocodile poachers, all whilst striving to earn the respect of the town and her male colleagues.