Vicki Engel

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Cancer experience can be a source of learning; it's something you do not ask for, but it can bring you a new appreciation of life.

Vicki Engel was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June 2009 and fortunately benefitted from her treatments. Although today she lives a happy and active life with her family and friends, she now approaches life differently than she did before her diagnosis.

This book is a collection of thoughts and advice that helped her make sense of her life during and after cancer treatment.

Vicki's message to you is to try to accept the changes your diagnosis brings, make the effort to take care of yourself and focus on living a happy, healthy life.

Importantly, don't hesitate to seek professional help from medical staff, social workers, support groups, counsellors or the Cancer Council.

Vicki hopes her thoughts are helpful to you or someone you know who is living with cancer.



Books by Vicki Engel

Clouds and Sunshine

Clouds and Sunshine

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This illustrated book presents a personal view on life after cancer. It empowers the reader to consider diagnosis, treatment, self care, accepting kindness and seeking help, coping with change and realising that your cancer experience is unique to you.