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Desiree Hope

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I was born and raised in Perth WA with a large amount of experiences throughout my life. They have led me to where my work lays today, a cross field of mental health, performing arts, an author and a mum of two boys. I have a strong children's entertainment background, and help children express themselves through dancing, singing, acting, reading and by the simple act of showing interest and actively listening to them. I have written multiple children's theatre stage shows where I continue to cross reference lessons and life experiences children can relate to. I experience children on a daily basis facing challenges, struggling to find their feet and where or who they belong to. My passion is to help children grow, succeed and be happy. These days we are facing so many adults are facing mental health problems that could have been prevented with a different example through child hood. I aim to reach not only the children of today but the adults and society around them. We need to set examples and open doors for our future generations.

Books by Desiree Hope

Bones and Boots Meet the Princess

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