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Helena Christos

Helena Christos

genres: young adult fiction

Helena is an Australian high school teacher and mother to two little boys. She has a Bachelor of Education (Hons), a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Geography and Anthropology, has completed a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and has travelled to the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Central and South America.

With a heart for justice, her passions are politics, religion and education.

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When thirteen-year-old Zanna migrates to the Middle East, she sees it not for its exotic beauty, religious diversity and archaeological splendour, but as a formidable life sentence. And she couldn’t be more correct. She too has become one of the anointed; a gifting that could cost her that which she treasures most. Life.

For the anointed, death is not a threat. It’s a promise.






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