Greg Snook

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Greg Snook is a full-time public servant and spare-time writer, painter, performer and St George Illawarra supporter. His short stories and articles have been published in Cane Toad Times, Powderhound Magazine and various community newspapers and zines.

Many of Snook's parodies were included in The Shonky Songbook and Mongrel Melodies (which he also edited). His winning entry in the Sydney Morning Herald's 2008 'Write a song about Sydney' competition was published in the Herald.

Remixed Relics, Snook's first published 'novel', contains traces of his abandoned Greater Sydney Novel and Second Best Sydney Novel, as well as remnants of more recent re-imaginings. He lives in Western Sydney with his wife.



Books by Greg Snook

Remixed Relics: Slippery Tales of Transformation

Remixed Relics: Slippery Tales of Transformation

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When Gus Adams runs into a story-collector in a shopping mall he launches into a series of semi-detached tales about his life as a baby boomer, mixing the sublime with the ridiculous as he races through the decades like a runaway train. Remixed Relics is a myth-mash of a novel about the search for meaning, love and identity in a world where fact and fiction twist around each other like snakes.