Kate-Michelle von Riegen

short stories, drama


Kate-Michelle Von Riegen has been writing since she was a child. The first stories she ever wrote included such riveting titles as Ashleigh the Angel Finds A Tree and Georgia The Giraffe Has Diabetes - she likes to think that her writing abilities have only improved. Born and raised in the beautiful Blue Mountains region of NSW, Kate-Michelle makes it her mission to try as many new things in her life as is humanly possible. She holds a Bachelor of Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Notre Dame Australia and is currently in the process of studying her Masters in Teaching at the Australian Catholic University. When not climbing out from under a sea of textbooks or writing various works of fiction and poetry, Kate-Michelle spends her time exercising her creative muscles in the professional world as a digital marketing officer and freelance copywriter. Every so often she also likes to pretend she's someone else, and has taken to the stage in various productions presented by her local musical and drama societies. Never one to take herself too seriously, when she's not treading the boards in fabulous costumes, she may also be seen making a fool of herself in her weekly Zumba class. As the winner of NarratorINTERNATIONAL's 'Whatever was he thinking competition' in 2014, Kate-Michelle hopes to keep writing for a long time to come, and to keep filling the pages of her own story with a mosaic of unforgettable memories and experiences.



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Behind Their Eyes: a collection of perspectives

Behind Their Eyes: a collection of perspectives

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In every city, and in every town there are the chosen few. Men and women who seem to be blessed by the powers that be. From the outside they seem flawless. They are the epitome of what we all want to be. They have the perfect life. … Or do they? Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes to see the real truth in someone’s life you need to look behind their eyes.