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Tim Berman, PhD

Tim Berman, PhD

genres: non-fiction,history

Tim has a passion for murder. He is also into stuff that is guaranteed to boggle the mind just a bit. Writing from his many and varied life experiences he is able to draw from eclectic fields of endeavour such as Aviator, Field operative (undercover), Truckie, Copywriter, Farmer, Niteclub doorman, Travelling salesman, Sailor, Diver and so forth. You get the picture, surely.

Each one of his life experiences has taught this person something of value; mostly that the race is to the swift and hit first and ask questions later. What a wonderful philosophy to carry through life.

These days Timmy (to his friends) lives a quiet life on the south coast with his lovely wife and two charming bitches. You work it out!

Sense of humour? Not really, just a cynical old bugger with time on his hands and a head full of stuff.

Books by Tim Berman, PhD


Mantiss Kindle

Taipana Kindle
Batavia: The Counterfeit Coin Conspiracy

Batavia: The Counterfeit Coin Conspiracy Kindle






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