Tom Coley



Tom Coley (1942-2018) was a sculptor and environmental activist who spent the last decade of his life living in the Blue Mountains.

Tom's autobiography, 'Laughter Tears Peace', is a humble and amusing collection of observations on life in England in the 50s and Australia from the 70s to now. Follow Tom's travels to Vietnam, China, India and Brazil and that 'awkward incident' at the American Consulate in 2013.



Books by Tom Coley

Laughter Tears Peace

Laughter Tears Peace

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This is the story of an activist, a sculptor, and a seeker of peace. Born in England in the 1940s, Tom Coley grew up without a father into a world he felt he had no place in. His life path took him through Australia and the world, from Tasmanian sheds to Vietnamese Agent Orange conferences, on a fascinating, amusing and relatable search through the world for peace and the perfect sculpture.