Young Adult Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy


Jelim has been writing most of her life, but started publicising her work online back in high school to test ideas and improve her craft. It wasn’t until 2018 that she had a work that took off among the public (The Monster Inside: The First Vampire). After writing four books in the series and several short stories, Jelim decided to go back to the beginning and improve the work for official publication.

That work is this book, The Birth of a Monster, the first book in the rewritten The First Vampire Series.

Jelim continues to not only rewrite this, her most popular work, but also work on expanding The Monster Inside world. She also spends time preparing content for her Patreon followers that include her ‘continuous stories’.

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Books by Jelim

The Birth of a Monster

The Birth of a Monster

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"The Eldovian Empire covers an ancient land that has seen the rise and fall of many a dynasty. Now word has begun to spread in the most secret parts of the country that the current Imperial bloodline has little time left…" In a small, rural village, a young boy by the name of Rassa struggles to hide his monstrous appetite from those he has known all his life. Meanwhile a mysterious entity’s plot threatens to thoroughly destroy the almost-peaceful life he and his family live.