Michael Jones

art, family and relationships, humour


Born in England in the mid 1950s, Michael Jones arrived in Australia with his family at the age of 12. After leaving school he worked with his father in the building business, studying bricklaying before progressing to teaching it. When his father retired from the building business in 1984, Michael joined the NSW Police Force and had a career across the state as a policeman and then a prosecutor.

Encouraged by his parents and teachers to paint when a child, Michael soon discovered the joys of drawing and painting and studied art during high school. This was a time when his friends would often ask him to illustrate their stories and he found a natural talent for capturing the essence of birds and animals.

It was during Michael’s posting to Broken Hill, in far western NSW, that he made connections with the likes of Peter Browne, Pro Hart, Clark Barrett, Howard Steer, Albert Woodroffe and Shane Gehlert – artists who not only supported and encouraged Michael’s artistic development, but also become friends.

Now retired and living in Broken Hill, Michael’s able to pursue his passion for painting



Books by Michael Jones

But ... You Said Yellow!

But ... You Said Yellow!

Amazon Angus & Robertson Booktopia Dymocks

‘But … You Said Yellow!’ features Michael Jones’ painting series and his stories about Bill and Sheila, a retired Aussie couple who live in a tiny red and white caravan somewhere on the coast during the 1960s and 70s.