Lachlan Fyfe

Fiction, Black humour, Psychology


Lachlan Fyfe was an up-and-coming jockey when he endured a traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the age of 23. After this major life-changing event, he doubted himself a lot. From being 'in the prime of his life' he was suddenly now labelled as 'disabled'. However, Lachlan appreciates he thinks differently to others, has capitalised on his ingenuity and will no longer allow his 58% whole person impairment to stop him from doing things.

Despite his TBI and getting a 'D' in English at school, Lachlan wrote TLP on his smartphone in two months and polished it over three years, being the oddball perfectionist he is. He wants to revolutionise the mobile phone industry and is working on a concept involving magnets to create environmentally friendly energy, among other ideas.

This may be the first you've heard of Lachlan Fyfe, but it won't be the last!



Books by Lachlan Fyfe

TLP: The adventures, atrocities and awakening of Barry Giggles

TLP: The adventures, atrocities and awakening of Barry Giggles

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Barry Giggles has it made. He has everything anyone could want. He lives a fast and crazy lifestyle with women on speed dial. Life is perfect. Or is it? Sometimes the picture you’re looking at is perceived differently by others. Especially when you’ve got a brain injury thanks to a coward’s punch. When Barry finally sees himself from his friends’ point of view, what will he do?