Susan Galletly

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Dr Susan Galletly is a literacy and learning difficulties specialist and researchers, teacher, speech pathologist and CQU Postdoctoral Research Fellow from regional Qld, with a passion for improving literacy outcomes in lower literacy achievers, and decades of experience working in this area. She completed her Master of Education qualification in the area of literacy acquisition and learning disabilities, winning several University awards, and her doctoral (PhD) studies on word-reading instruction for Australian at-risk readers and assessments for school use.

Working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Central Queensland University (CQU) with Professor Bruce Knight and colleagues, in addition to earlier research projects, Susan coordinated the 2013-2017 ARC linkage project Bridging the Gap, collaborative research by teachers and researchers establishing principles of effective reading instruction for at risk children in the first school years.

Susan has a strong interest in the impacts that orthographies and cognitive load have on learning to read and write. She is a co-developer of Orthographic Advantage Theory (Knight, Galletly & Gargett, 2019) and The Literacy Component Model (Knight, Galletly & Aprile, 2021), which are being used increasingly across Australia.

In addition to her research work, Susan has decades of experience in hands-on work with children with literacy learning difficulties and their families, in her Speech Language Pathology private practice.

Her most recent works are her Aussie Reading Woes trilogy exploring Australia’s education struggles, potential for strong education into the future, and needed changes and goals towards achieving that strong potential:

    1. Bunyips in the Room: The 10 Changes.
    2. The Research Tours: The Impacts of Orthographic Disadvantage.
    3. The 10 Changes: The Nitty Gritty.
  • Wise, insightful, positive, and focussed on Australian education achieving the meteoric improvement it’s well capable of, the books build from Susan’s depths of practical and research expertise in working with and exploring improving of literacy development and education.



    Books by Susan Galletly

    The Research Tours: The Impacts of Orthographic Disadvantage

    The Research Tours: The Impacts of Orthographic Disadvantage

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    The second book of the Aussie Reading Woes trilogy, The Research Tours: The Impacts of Orthographic Disadvantage explores and explains research findings on key issues impeding Australian children's literacy development, education and school functioning, and logical practical solutions (the 10 Changes). A book for readers interested in education and Australia's needs for improvement.

    Bunyips in the Classroom: The 10 Changes

    Bunyips in the Classroom: The 10 Changes

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    A hard-hitting solution-focussed book exploring the key issues currently impeding progress in Australian education (our many Bunyips), and providing logical practical solutions (the 10 Changes). Well-considered and wise, an entertaining read for everyone interested in improving Australian education.