AZ Pascoe

nonfiction, biography, autobiography, veterinary medicine


AZ Pascoe is a Queensland-born Australian writer who, despite having spent most her adult life living interstate, proclaims herself a Queenslander whenever the opportunity arises. After several years in the Australian Army, she completed both a Bachelor and a Master of Arts, majoring in Literature and Writing and currently works part-time as an adult gymnastics coach. When not pursuing some new project (writing or otherwise), she enjoys lifting weights and spending time upside down in a handstand, which considering that she also loves the topsy-turvy world of writing, makes perfect sense really.

AZ Pascoe’s writing is inspired by the fragility of relationships, everything uniquely Australian, and those subtle moments in life that are so vital, but so easily missed. She currently lives in Sydney with her husband and two cheeky, demanding cat-muses who want to be involved in almost everything she does.

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Books by AZ Pascoe

Reg Pascoe: The Vet They Called God

Reg Pascoe: The Vet They Called God

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This inspiring Australian story of Reg Pascoe’s life is rich with humour and fascinating anecdotes of rural life. His journey to greatness offers powerful lessons about dedication, service to the community, and what makes for a meaningful life.