Owan Goode

Non fiction, religion, body, mind and spirit


I grew up on a farm in rural Australia and have worked on the land for the majority of my life.

I have years of practical farming experience as well as tertiary qualifications in agriculture.

My working life included time on big cattle stations in Qld and WA as a jackaroo, salmon fishing in Alaska, cattle wrangling in the USA as well as managing farms in NSW.

I’m 55 years old and I currently live in NSW and work as an ag consultant.

I have always enjoyed a deep and meaningful conversation over a bottle of good Aussie red wine and have solved the world’s problems many times, with the help of good friends.

My theory is, if you’re not having fun in life, you’re missing the point and you need to make changes. Cheers.



Books by Owan Goode

My Human Life

My Human Life

Kindle Smashwords

This story is based on a series of vivid, visitation dreams about encounters with an alien creature, in rural Australia, who explains how the world was made and why we are here. This is an entertaining and thought-provoking theory which explores the meaning of life on earth. Find the Thought Collector and it’s a game changer. Could it really be this simple …?