Geoff Nadin

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Geoff Nadin is a retired business consultant who wrote too many dry-as-dust reports for too many indifferent readers. Seeking an outlet for his unacknowledged talents, he turned over a stone and found, right on his doorstep, a whole world hidden in plain sight: the long-forgotten saga of the Stewart Dawsons. The path it took him on was long and winding, the goal sometimes out of reach. But the reward was worth the effort, he thinks. With several short stories already published, poems, and a possible novel in the pipeline, he’s playing the literary field, enjoying every minute of it. Geoff lives in a Stewart Dawson house in the Blue Mountains.



Books by Geoff Nadin

Treasure House: The Stewart Dawson Story

Treasure House: The Stewart Dawson Story

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An Australasian fortune built on jewellery, celebrated in Jazz Age style, squandered in scandal and violence. From farm boy to property tycoon, barmaid to princess, scion to jailbird. A true-life family saga with few happy endings.