Maddy Bougher

Fiction, fantasy, friendship, animals


Maddy lives in Perth, Western Australia. Growing up, her best friend was a rabbit named Lucky, and his memory still inspires her today. As an introvert, she finds getting out in the real world to be tricky at times, and hopes to inspire others through her writing instead. She is passionate about animal rights, and hopes that one day we will live in a world where humanity respects not only their own kind, but also the beautiful natural world and every other creature who resides within it.

Four Destinies is her first published novel



Books by Maddy Bougher

Four Destinies

Four Destinies

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Four Destinies follows the journey of a young girl who doesn’t fit the mainstream, taking her on an adventure that explores the darker sides of humanity and the detrimental impact of our society on the world. This story is also about friendship, and how the most powerful bonds can hold together, even when they are apart.