B.D. Roy

Young Adult Fiction, Adolescence and Coming of Age, Action and Adventure


The author B.D.ROY lives near the beach with his wonderful wife. When he is not on the computer writing, reading or being with family, he spends time immersed in the outdoors, especially in or near water. He has an appetite for history and has travelled widely to learn more about people and their cultures. He enjoys portrait and street photography and is intrigued by the people he meets and their stories. These and other stories inspired him to write his own story about growing up in a coastal town. He writes about the experiences he shared with his childhood friends and how their young lives were impacted by these experiences.

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Impact Zone

Impact Zone

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For the first time in my life, I was scared I might die.
While living at the beach and surfing every day may seem idyllic, Jack's daily
struggles are common for many teenagers. He deals with his parents' breakup, understanding his new role in the family, school issues, navigating his emotions, first love, bullying, foreseeing a pathway for his life.