Chase Day

Nature, Animals: History, Australia


Chase was born in Hawaii and raised in England before emigrating to Australia. A lifelong horse lover she recently added donkeys to her menagerie. Chase is passionate about animal welfare and history and has been interested in the history and development of Australia's equines since buying her first Waler horse 13 years ago. She and her husband have participated in Australian Light Horse re-enactments including the centenary of ANZAC Day.

She has written articles on history and equines for magazines and websites, but this is her first book.



Books by Chase Day

The Australian Teamster Donkey: Heritage, Management and Future

The Australian Teamster Donkey: Heritage, Management and Future


Donkeys are not native to Australia. However, the early colonists needed beasts of burden to assist them with opening up the interior and resupplying remote outback stations. From the earliest days of the colony, donkeys were imported from the Americas, Asia and Europe. From this mix a unique donkey breed was developed that was suited for the harsh Australian environment. The rise of mechanisation eventually made them useless though, and many were turned loose and forgotten.

In the modern era, strong pastoral interests and the growth of the conservation movement have led to free-roaming donkeys being seen as a pest and often maligned.

Will there be a future that has the Australian Teamster Donkey in it?