Peter d'Plesse

Crime, Action and Adventure, Drama


After a career in education, Peter d’Plesse has stayed active as a writer, adventurer, flyer, foodie and photographer. He has published more than sixty articles on education, the outdoors, environment, aviation and travel as well as opinion pieces for state, national and international magazines.

He wrote his first novel Fire Eye in 2015, an adventure story set in outback Australia. Alexander Dulaine enlists the help of Jed Mitchell to locate her grandfather’s aircraft lost in World War II. The search becomes a battle for survival against the wilderness and a quest for revenge by her past abuser.

Web of Crimes is his second novel that follows another adventure by Alex and Jed. Once again the story combines exciting fiction with interesting events from Australia’s history.



Books by Peter d'Plesse

Web of Crimes

Web of Crimes

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What happens when a strong determined woman and a besotted adventurer cross paths with a Kurdish female freedom fighter, a mercenary soldier for hire, a trophy wife who’s smarter than perceived and a journalist struggling to rebuild her career? Loyalty, love, deceit, revenge, politics and money combine to form an explosive mix and a riveting story.