Dr Ben Hamer

Business and Economics, Careers, Humour


Dr Ben Hamer is one of the leading voices on the future of work. He is a Doctor of Public Administration, specialising in leadership and management, which included time spent as a Visiting Scholar at Yale University. He also has a Bachelor of Business Administration with First Class Honours and is an Adjunct Fellow for Swinburne University’s Centre for the New Workforce.

Ben was appointed as a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Australia at the age of 28. He still works there, which makes his parents happy because he has a track record of changing jobs and this stability gives them confidence that maybe he’s growing up. Ben drives PwC’s Future of Work practice and has spent time at the World Economic Forum on high profile projects to do with the future of skills, education and work. He’s also on the Board of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI), where he was appointed as the youngest non-executive director in the history of the organisation.

Ben enjoys morning coffee in bed, colour blocking his outfits, and using politically incorrect humour as a defence mechanism.



Books by Dr Ben Hamer

The Kickass Career: How to succeed in the future of work, now

The Kickass Career: How to succeed in the future of work, now

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Work is a massive part of our lives. If work changes, we change. And change we will. But traditional career advice is outdated. This is where The Kickass Career comes in, providing a fresh approach to better understanding what’s happening in the world of work, why it matters to you, and how you can succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.