Wayne Tunks

Australian drama, LGBTQ+ stories


Wayne Tunks is an award-winning filmmaker, playwright, and screenwriter with a love of pop culture, coffee and Madonna. His web series, “After Nightfall”, has won awards worldwide and has been writing and producing plays for over 20 years. He is a former storyliner for TV’s, “Neighbours” and as an actor has appeared in some things you’d recognise and some you’ve never heard of. His most recent short film, “Overcaterers Anonymous”, is currently screening in film festivals worldwide and in 2021, he became the breakfast announcer on 80s radio station, My88FM



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Normal or Nothing Like It

Normal or Nothing Like It

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40 isn’t the time for a mid-life crisis. In these sixteen interwoven short stories, we meet a group of 40-year-olds learning to deal with the things life throws at them while trying to juggle their jobs, family and personal connections. Trying to finally be their true selves and discovering if they are normal or nothing like it.