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Gary Fishlock was born in Newcastle, NSW, the eldest of three siblings. He went to university in Wagga Wagga where he studied theatre performance. He has been an actor, a journalist, a ballroom dance instructor, a cafe proprietor, a Tupperware salesman and a magazine editor. Too Gorgeous to Kill is his first published novel. It originally appeared as a 26-part weekly serial in 2001 in SX News, a magazine for the glbtq community. Gary has a son and daughter and lives in Sydney.

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Too Gorgeous to Kill

Too Gorgeous to Kill

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It’s 1989 …
As the decade that gave the world leg warmers, the Rubik’s Cube and Dynasty draws to a close, a cold-blooded killer is stalking the cast of Australia’s most popular TV soap opera, Accountants. But murder is proving to be a ratings winner for the prime time soapie. Crime might not pay, but it sure sells.
But why are the crosshairs fixed firmly on the show’s cute young heartthrob, Toby Bardia? Is it Envy? Jealousy? Hatred? Or something else that’s truly twist-ed? Trashy TV was never so deadly.
“… It’s Agatha Christie meets Neighbours …”