Rob Firth

Fiction, Thrillers - Psychological and legal, Crime


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Rob’s paid work has ranged from taxi driving during uni days through senior executive mid-career, to management consultant in semi-retirement. He was one of five children, and whilst not wealthy, his parents managed and cared well for the family. Rob has always felt alert to social and fairness issues, and welcomes robust discussions with family and others about religion, politics, ethics and equity.

Rob values strong interpersonal connections, and is after honest conversations and maintaining close friends. And he’s interested in the meaning of life, what makes others tick, the freedom to be ourselves, and how we react to the unexpecteds we encounter. He’s always sought to be the best family man he could, but admits to not succeeding at times due to work. He’s retired now and lives with his wife outside Sydney, away from some of the city hustle and bustle.

'As it is on Earth', Rob’s debut novel, is a thriller that aims to engage readers and stimulate thought about ethics and how we decide what’s right and what’s wrong.



Books by Rob Firth

As it is on Earth

As it is on Earth

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Ethical dilemmas and intrigue stalk highflying lawyer Frances Brennan and reformed crim Gino Rossi, as beliefs upend their moral compasses. Despite their abiding mutual respect, convictions dictate what’s right and wrong through to the thriller of an end, when their lines blur between social justice and social carnage.