Ryan M Wilson



Ryan M Wilson has always had a love of writing; whether it was film scripts during his years in film school or writing custom campaigns for long nights of Dungeons and Dragons. Living in Australia, Ryan works in the finance industry by day but lives in a fantasy world by night on his laptop. A fan of all things fantasy and sci-fi, it has been Ryan’s dream to write a series of fantasy novels based on his created world of Druyun. Follow the series at https://www.druyun.com. Author photo by: https://www.heirloomsbygulshah.com



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Druyun I: The Mysterious Tournament

Druyun I: The Mysterious Tournament

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All across the land of Druyun, a letter has arrived inviting all the heroes of the land to travel to the town of Newbarrow in Owha for a great tournament. A group of young travellers band together on the road but as they near Newbarrow; what presented itself as a chance for glory turns into a fight for their lives.